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No Odour

21st Century Fabric

Pack Small

Accessories Available

Ideal for:
*   Campdrafting
*   Endurance Riding
*   ATHRA Trail Riders
*   Polocrosse
*   All active riders  

Comfortable & Easy to ride in

Short and Long Rain Coats

Range of Colours

Machine Washable

Dianne Denton

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PROVEN! In the Ultimate Test of Rain Gear
4,600klm  -  97 days  
Across Australia East to West
70% wild, windy weather
DRY 100% of the time!

Muddy Creek Rain Gears Long Waterproof Rain Coat kept Ride4aCures Esther Luxford-Matthews dry and comfortable the whole way !

"Our Muddy Creek Rain Gear coats were truly AWESOME!
Never once were we even damp under our coats.  Their size covered everything, they were super light to wear and they dried out really fast.  Muddy Creek Rain Gear coats are the best!  I highly recommend them.
- Maura Luxford, Ride4aCure.
And now being worn worldwide:

*   England
*   New Zealand
*   Netherlands
*   Emirates
*   Ireland
*   America
*   South Africa
*   Canada